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CONFESSIONS OF A RESCUE DOG ( a novel), published in February 2014

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Bumble is a brown toy poodle. He is a rescue dog and he loves to tell stories. All from his vantage point, in first dog, and with a twinkle in his eye. Now at the respectable age of 13 he has gathered enough courage to tell it all: from the trials and tribulations in his first home to his time in the shelter, his rescue and all the adventures that followed.

You will discover that Bumble is a skillful observer and a great analyst of human behavior. He has a lively imagination and a very big heart. His story is a treat for dog lovers of all ages!

Proceeds from sales of this book are going to the local Humane Society shelter in the county where Bumble lives to help homeless animals find loving forever homes.

Available as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback edition (175 pages) at and other online booksellers.

Copyright © 2014 Helen Kuusela, MPA,MBA, Illustrated by Mike Kuusela at KCM Freelancing Services, Edited by Robert P. Miller.


THE CANINE CAPER (a short story)  #1 in the Deedee Watson, PI Series, published in August 2015

the canine caper pictureDee Watson is a private investigator. Business has been a little slow. She accepts a new case from a rich client to find a stolen family keepsake. Dee figures it should be easy money.

What she didn’t count on was twists and turns in a case that had sounded simple. She also didn’t expect the client to help with the case.

Dee’s capable hands are full and no problem with this case is too big for her to take care of. Or at least that’s what she thinks…

Available as a Kindle e-book on

Copyright © 2015 JL Phillips.


A CASE OF DECEIT (a novel) # 2 in the DeeDee Watson, PI Series, published in October 2015.

a case of deceit picturePrivate investigator DeeDee Watson receives a desperate phone call from an old college roommate. Dee can’t turn down a plea for help from a friend, so, along with Tee, her trusty sidekick, she agrees to help.
It doesn’t take long for Dee to find herself in the middle of something sinister. The more clues she finds the more she realizes all is not what it seems. With a cast of quirky characters and lots of twists and turns Dee must find a killer before turning into their next victim in this case of Deceit.

Available as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback edition at

Copyright © 2015 JL Phillips


LITTLE BIRDS FOR LITTLE KIDS, a photo book for children, published in November 2015.

LittleBirdsforLittleKidsDelight your little ones by teaching them about birds! Kindle their love for nature at an early age. This photo book introduces “bird babies” from hatchlings to juveniles in their natural environments with high quality color photos and short narratives written for small children. A perfect bed-time read.

Available as softcover on For a hardcover/image wrap edition, please contact us at

Copyright © 2015 A.H. Kuusela


ADVENTURES OF THE SALT MARSH BIRDS, a photo book for children, published in November 2015.

AdventuresoftheSaltMarshBirds coverThis full color photobook invites children to learn about birds in the salt marsh, where they live. Osprey nesting season is described with fun facts, and 47 high quality photographs introduce several shore birds, wading birds and song birds in their natural habitats. The narrative is simple, fun and educational, designed for KG through elementary school children. A nature adventure that will spark their interest in birds and nature exploration!

Available as softcover on For a hardcover/image wrap edition, please contact us at

Copyright © 2015 A.H. Kuusela


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