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April 19, 2014

Bumble and Tiny have been invited to the Celebration Day Open House at Banfield Pet Hospital!

We will talk about adopting a pet and have a book table to sell Bumble’s book. 100% of the sales will support two pet charities. Needless to say we are excited!

We are proud to be part of the "crew"!

We are proud to be part of the “crew”!



March 21, 2014

Author Interview! Read it here!


KINDLE THUMBNAILFeb 28, 2014 Great News! Confessions of a Rescue Dog is now part of the Kindle Owners Lending Library!

It means that all Amazon Prime members with a Kindle or a Kindle reading app (free download to a tablet, computer or smart phone) can borrow the book for free and still support the HS Shelter!!


Tampa Bay Times NIE@TBTimesNIE Feb 20

Bumble from NIE’s Cutest Pet Photo Contest 2012 has written a book. A portion of sales will benefit @HumanePinellas

Press Release
Thursday, February 20, 2014

Engaging New Book to Raise Awareness and Vital Funds for Rescue Animals

Written by Helen Kuusela and illustrated by Mike Kuusela, ‘Confessions of a Rescue Dog’ is the enchanting tale of Bumble, the toy poodle, who at the age of 13, is finally ready to tell the story of his life – a mixed bag of love, courage and tricks. Pet lovers of all ages will appreciate the humorous observations this sharp-minded dog makes about his humans and his environment and enjoy his touching, warm-hearted story. While younger readers in particular will treasure Bumble’s adventures and the nice illustrations, adults will also appreciate the message behind the book and the charitable intentions of the author.

For Immediate Release

Clearwater, FL – Countless animals sit in shelters, waiting for the moment when a family will walk through the door, look into their eyes and say, “let’s go home.”

Author Helen Kuusela is all too aware of their plight, and with her new book, ‘Confessions of a Rescue Dog’; she is committed to helping these animals find loving families and forever homes.

“These dogs and cats are not ‘damaged goods’, as so many people seem to think,” says Kuusela. “With my book, I wanted to raise awareness of these animals – they are our ‘forgotten homeless’ and they desperately need love and attention. With patience and a structured environment, rescue dogs and other animals can become absolutely fantastic pets. They are so ready to be cared for and in return, they will give unconditional love to their humans, some even giving back by becoming therapy animals. I hope to spread that message through Bumble’s story.”

Bumble is the main character of ‘Confessions of a Rescue Dog’, and through his “first dog” vantage point, readers will be taken on the journey of his life, from the struggles of his first home, to his time in the shelter, his rescue and all the scrapes and scraps between! Lively, funny, warm and above all – full of heart – ‘Confessions of a Rescue Dog’ is a book for all ages (and breeds!).


Bumble is a brown toy poodle. He is a rescue dog and he loves to tell stories. All from his vantage point, in first dog, and with a twinkle in his eye. Now at the respectable age of 13 he has gathered enough courage to tell it all: from the trials and tribulations in his first home to his time in the shelter, his rescue and all the adventures that followed.
The reader will be entertained, but will also discover that Bumble is a skillful observer and a great analyst of human behavior. He generously shares what he has learned. He has a lively imagination and a very big heart.

A portion of this book’s sales will go to the local Humane Society shelter in the county where Bumble lives, to help homeless animals find loving forever homes.

On the back cover of the book Bumble has included a message to the readers:
I’ve learned to trust again. I’ve learned to play again.
I’ve conquered my fears. But most importantly, I’ve
learned never to lose hope.
Read my story and you are not likely to look at your
dog the same way, ever. We know more than you
think. -With lots of love, Bumble

Bumble’s story is a treat for pet lovers of all ages!

Although writing the book was a sheer joy for the author, Kuusela has hopes for a wider impact of Bumble’s tale.

“What I’d like to do with this book is to make people more aware of the many animals languishing in the shelters, and educate them on what wonderful pets they can be,” she says. “I think there are misconceptions about rescue dogs and cats, and I hope to help eradicate these myths and show – through Bumble’s eyes – how loving, fun, wise and playful they can be.”

Continuing: “That’s why we’re donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to the ‘no-kill’ Humane Society Shelter in the town where Bumble lives. It’s his way of showing these animals that they haven’t been forgotten.”

‘Confessions of a Rescue Dog’ will be released on February 20, 2014. For more information, visit:

About the Author:
Helen Kuusela spent her early years in Finland and Sweden where she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in management. She then embarked on a career in international development which took her and her family to numerous countries on several continents. In mid-1990’s she settled in the US and now lives with her family in Florida, where she also runs an international consulting practice.

She is a passionate owner of a sweet rescue dog and a regular contributor to animal rescue organizations. She has committed to donate a part of the proceeds from her first novel “Confessions of a Rescue Dog” to the local Humane Society shelter in the county where she lives.

Over her successful career, Helen has written numerous professional publications focusing on people and organizational management. She is also an avid writer and poet in the blogging world and is preparing to publish her first poetry collection and another novel later in 2014.
Contact: A H Kuusela / 727-698-6368 /